In the Press

Here are news articles which are feature words, quotes and are written featuring me.

  1. Featured on the front page of the Sarawak Metro (Participation in the Amazing Mall Race at The Sping, Kuching). [photo]
  2. Selected as one of the Maxis10 to review the HTC HD7 smartphone.  [link]
  3. Interviewed by Grace Ng of NTV 7 for Youth Talk show CUBE@NTV7. [link]
  4. Interviewed by Khairol Shafizan Johari of ASTRO AWANI in regards to the Sarawak Election 2011. [link]
  5. Interviewed by Happenings in Sarawak Magazine for the topic “It’s a bloggy blog world”, Volume 16. Pg 11. [photo unavailable]
  6. Interviewed by StarEducate under the topic “Keepin’ em posted”, dated 29 May 2011. Pg 9. [photo unavailable]
  7. Interviewed by SarawakFM (RTM) on AZAM’s “Randau Pembangunan Kita” at 4:30PM at 6.7.2011. [link]
  8. Interviewed by Utusan Sarawak’s Horizon segment, dated 19 December 2011. [link]
  9. Mentioned in the article “Students’ Robowhacker wins top prize” by The Star for winning ‘Best Mentor Award’ in the Sarawak Robotics Competition on 25 June 2012. [link]
  10. Interviewed by The Star for the article entitled “Have system to check abuse on assessment, urge teachers”, dated 12 September 2012. [link]
  11. Interviewed by The Star Saawak for the article “2012, the year Sarawak bloggers get their due recognition“, dated 21 December 2012. [link]
  12. Interviewed by BERNAMA for the article “Hari Malaysia Raikan Kesatuan” by Caroline Jackson, dated 10 September 2013. [BERNAMA linkKOSMO link]
  13. Interviewed by ERAfm Sarawak before the Malaysia FA Cup to talk about & Sarawak football, dated 3rd April 2014. [Photo link]
  14. Interviewed by the Borneo Post in regards to home security for an article titled “An ensconced sense of a secure living”, published on 11 October 2014. [link]
  15. Featured bloggger by P1 e-Social (OMA)[link]
  16. Invited to talk about crowdfunding at RTM Redfm over Midday Break during a live session by AZAM Sarawak titled “Evolution of ICT and the Internet Trends” on 9 April 2015. [Photo link]
  17. Invited to talk about crowdfunding at RTM Sarawak over Randau Semasa AZAM on 8 April 2015.  [Photo link not available yet]
  18. Interviewed by Borneo Post for an article titled “Many in Sarawak still unaware of Crowdfunding”, dated 27 April 2015 [Link]
  19. Interviewed by Borneo Post in regards to the PEMANDU initiative on English in education, dated 9 October 2015. [Link]
  20. Interviewed by Telum Media. Interview was published in their newsletter on 16 January 2018.[Link]
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