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My Galvanized Kuching

Galvanized Fencing in Kuching

I have really been tempted to say something about this for weeks. Ever since the structures were up, my fingers have been itching to type up a post about the galvanized iron fencing in Kuching. Don’t know what I mean? Please check the photo below. Now, I’m not sure how many of you are against it, or how many of you are for it. I am however sure of these 6 ‘side effects’: You’d be burning more fat now because ... Read More »

Kuching’s Best Sunset View Ramadhan Buffet Anyone?

Still an amazing view despite rain - Photo taken from Riverside Majestic Blue Pool area

Kuching indeed has one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen. When the sky turns gold, Kuching Waterfront would be one of the most romantic places on planet earth, looking humble yet amazingly beautiful. The problem is, the view is limited to the waterfront, and places enjoying similar sunset are either private high-rise residential areas, or 5 star hotels with a window shield. Thankfully, Riverside Majestic has moved their ‘Sungkei Ria’ buffet to be 4 stories above ground, located ... Read More »

SwkPolls11: What are you doing here?


I was invited to meet up with a candidate in the coming election a few nights ago. I stressed to the person I was in contact with, that I would not want any photos or videos of myself meeting up with him, and my main reason to meet was to give him insights of what can be done for Sarawakians and Sarawak. I have long complained that the leaders do not listen to the young, and I see this as ... Read More »

What Do You Do In Kuching?

Kuching's Famous Mix Pork Soup

I met a friend in KL last weekend for dinner, and he brought me to a place which had the probably had the largest Carbonara I’ve ever seen in my life!! More shocking, it only cost RM15 and was very tasty! There was also this one dish which had cheese inside it that melted perfectly upon reaching your tongue, and hence making the dish fantastic (and this is coming from a person who practically snubs cheese cakes). He was telling ... Read More »

MyEG Isn’t for East Malaysians

In the last post, I stated how I wasn’t really pleased with MyEG because I had to pay extra for my road tax, yet I was in Sarawak, and my car is used in Sarawak.  Well, I did however take some consolation because the officer I called said that my road tax would bear the ‘Sarawak’ edition, a.k.a the local edition.  I figured, RM70 is ‘okay’, considering I don’t have to go out of the house.  It’s saving fuel, time ... Read More »

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