Think You Are Strong?


Along our journey of life, we will tend to meet with people which would say: “Isshh… if it’s me, I’d beat him up so bad, he’d know who’s boss” or in BMS: “Mun aku tek, abis nya ku polen… Gik nya rasa. Barunya tauk sepa kuat“ or the occasional “He/She doesn’t know what hist her when I get my revenge by doing this.. this this..” or in BMS: “Belum nya, kelak ku molah tok.. tok.. tok..”“ and of course “”What? ... Read More »

Useless Blogging

The mix

I found out that some people claim that blogging is useless.  They claim it’s wasting time and brings no benefits. I disagree. Blogging has improved my networking by leaps. I’ve made new friends and while I’m at it all, I’ve met lots of wonderful people from different walks of life. The proof? Easy… when I have breakfast, I have a lecturer, a researcher, an accountant, a student, a soon to be nurse, a soon to be politician/lawyer, an engineer, a ... Read More »

What Do You Do In Kuching?

Kuching's Famous Mix Pork Soup

I met a friend in KL last weekend for dinner, and he brought me to a place which had the probably had the largest Carbonara I’ve ever seen in my life!! More shocking, it only cost RM15 and was very tasty! There was also this one dish which had cheese inside it that melted perfectly upon reaching your tongue, and hence making the dish fantastic (and this is coming from a person who practically snubs cheese cakes). He was telling ... Read More »

Students and Elections

The cert in the scroll is important

Bet you’ve heard, undergrads in Putra University Malaysia (UPM) has been exchanging blow with the university security forces for the campus elections. Apparently, they were not happy for UPM disqualifying 10 of the 11 Pro-Mahasiswa candidates. Students – Photo is just for decoration Now, it’s good that we have this so called ‘elections’ in universities, and maybe schools… It educates these undergrads about elections, campaigning and most importantly it gives students the ability to lead and to choose their leaders, ... Read More »


Dark Sunset

Today, I lost my temper with my students in what I can say is one of the top classes which I teach. Before I go on, let me state that I am the type of person who prefers to give people around me freedom and choices, and I do expect them to make the right ones. So the same actually goes to my students in class. I’d explain a concept, and request that they do their own notes in their ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day: Effin’s Facts & Figures

Not harping on an old issue, but loving every bit of this video. Do watch and share it… and leave your take on it. The video kept me smiling when I woke up this morning… So, jangan lupa ye… “KAJI SEJARAH DAHULU”…. hehehhe Video link: Read More »

When the smiles start coming in

Starbucks, Amazing Mall Race The Star 125

The one thing which separates Starbucks with other coffee bistros would be their staff or better known as their barristers.  Sure, they have the branding and the awesome smell of coffee beans, but the barristers are the ones which really make a huge difference. I recall when Starbucks just opened it’s doors in Kuching International.  There was this group of barristers brought from all over Malaysia to help open up the first ever Starbucks in Sarawak.  This sweet smiling and ... Read More »

Student Having Sex in School

'Baju Kurung' Uniform

I’m not sure if you came to this article because of the title, or because you happen to be an avid reader of my humble blog. Either way, if you came here because of the topic, then it just serves a point I’d like to stress here. You see, in blogging, or in any written article, not many would want to read what is written between the lines, and many choose to simply jump to their own conclusion. For instance ... Read More »

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