Valentine yang ‘menyesatkan’

Hey there. It has been indeed a while. If you have noticed, you are now in a new address, known as ‘’. The change is not entirely intentional, but rather due to the fact that I single-handedly messed up the codes in the ‘’ domain, resulting in errors I myself could not explain. Talk about being a self proclaimed ‘geek’. Apart from that, I felt the old domain was rather ‘heavy’, and unorganized… so this one, would be much better, ... Read More »

The Bidayuh Dream

It felt not too long ago when dad told me that I would want to live the ‘ultimate Bidayuh dream’. Well, he may have not actually uttered that exact phrase, but like the American dream, I’d like to refer to the fact that most Bidayuh’s prefer to spend their retirement with fruit trees and family members in their ‘kampung house’, the ‘Bidayuh dream’. Most also seem to like the idea of being away from the busy city life, while doing ... Read More »

#MyHouse – The renovation

For the past weeks, I have been busy ‘renovating’ my house.  The term renovating here refers to changing and constructing parts of the house which were not included in the purchase of the house.  I have yet to do any major construction, but things are progressing well, particularly with both Donovan and Dinah helping out. To be honest, I do not do much outdoor work.  Much of my passion actually lies indoors, in front of the computer nowadays to be ... Read More »

Birthday Post: Telling time like never before

Checking the time would never be the same again!

Last night, a last minute decision saw me head on to Backstage to hang out with some dear friends. Fahri was definitely there, and when we shook hands and exchanged hugs, he asked me one question. “Dude, how long has it been since we met?“… and that started me counting. The night was special because I turn a new age. Not that I do make my birthdays huge and big, but this time, I’m entering what most people would call ... Read More »

Growing up with the legendary Satok Sunday Market

When I was smaller, the Satok Sunday Market used to be nothing special to me. Located just opposite the Satok Building, it was merely another market to me. The place was always jammed packed with humans, and parking was extremely rare. My dad, had to turn the area several times to find a spot to park his van then, and even that was quite a walking distance for the fans of the market in my family; mum and my three ... Read More »

The new beginning…

The world didn’t end in 2012, did it? Well, you are reading this entry, so that’s proof. The title may not be that appropriate because I started ‘a new beginning’ way before 2013, but for the sake of it being a new year, let’s just say it’s the best title for this post. 2012 had concluded, and it was a wild, yet ‘eye opening’ ride. When you have so much ‘shit’ going on in your life, it really takes quit ... Read More »

Doomsday is over!

I’m quite sure the Mayans are now re-evaluating their so called ‘doomsday’ after 21 December 2012 left with nothing much to shout about.  I have heard numerous stories about 21.12.2012, but nothing beats the two biggest which was related to the world ending, and some other Satanic events. On Twitter, sarcasm was indeed high with many trolling the Mayan people.  I was honestly a little bit disappointed because I was actually waiting for something ‘different’ to happen.  Not that I ... Read More »

BCCK Christmas buffet tops them all Christmas buffets

It’s extremely hard for me to change my perception of BCCK dishes when they seem to maintain a certain level of quality to their menu. Latest in the offerings is the RM72 NETT Christmas Buffet at the Raintree Restaurant. This time around, BCCK was smart to include both the buffet into the official lighting of the BCCK Christmas tree. This means, we had some speeches to endure before jumping into the buffet. That also meant that the buffet offered would ... Read More »

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